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Mfr. No: KT-001
New tool for RF experiments with Arduino Uno board
RF Dummy Load
Mfr. No: KT-002
Cost effective HF + 6 m band 50R RF dummy load

KT-001 picture
  • Higly integrated QRP HF band SWR bridge up to 20 W
  • Full compatibility with Arduino™ Uno board
  • Tandem Match configuration for best directivity
  • Only THT components for easy assembly
  • Easy access to measured values (P fwd  and P ref ) from
    ANALOG_IN input section
  • Germanium diodes for best sensitivity
  • Optional trimmers for precise adjusting
  • SMA connectors for size critical applications (optional
    also BNC connectors)
  • Equipped with ISP connector (2x3 pin header)  
  • Only passive components; no current consumption 

Mechanical Characteristics
  • Full mechanical and electrical compatibility with
      Arduino™ Uno Board and LCD 2x16 shields
  • Double-layer PCB
  • Double-sided connectors for Arduino 
  • Compact design: 68 x 54 x 12 mm  

KT-002 picture

  • Cost-effective HF + 6 m band 50R RF dummy load
  • 100 W continuous power handling
  • 300 W peak power handling capability
  • Low VSWR levels up to 54 MHz
  • UC-1 (PL-259) RF input connector
  • Built-in fan for reliable continuous operation
  • 2,1x5,5 DC input connector for the fan supply
  • THT components for easy assembly

Mechanical Characteristics
  • Compact design: 80 × 80 x 75 mm (with fan)
  • One layer PCB for easy components assembly
  • Solid aluminum baseplate for the input connector

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
CW Beacon Monitor
Mfr. No: KT-003
Useful tool for monitoring NCDXF/IARU beacons

KT-003 picture
(available Q1 2023)
CWduino QRP HF CW Transmitter
Mfr. No: KT-004
Superportable CW transmitter for Arduino Uno board with keyer input


    • Highly integrated CW transmitter compatible with Arduino Uno board
    • HF band coverage: 80, 40 and 20 m (depends on version)
    • Class-E topology for high efficiency
    • Built-in 2nd harmonic notch filter to meet CFR requirements (-43 dBc)
    • 500 mW RF output power from 5 VDC Arduino’s power supply rail
    • 2000 mW RF output power at 9 VDC
    • Transmitter keying available from pin PD4 (IOL group)
    • Precise frequency adjustment via trimmer
    • Keyer input connector (mini-jack)
    • Equipped with SMA connector for size critical applications
    • Equipped with ISP connector (2x3 pin header) 
    • Most components are THT for easy assembly
    • Example projects for Arduino: CW Beacon and CW keyer available free for download
Mechanical Characteristics

    • Fully mechanical and electrical compliance with Arduino™ Uno board
    • Double-layer PCB
    • Compact design: 68 × 54 x 12 mm


    • Board for experiments with class E amplifier
    • Experimental CW  transmitter controlled from Arduino
    • Automatic keyer with integrated TX stage
    • Part of Arduino's controlled beacon (in CW mode)
    • Battery supplied experimental TX module
    • Part of a portable CW transceiver

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Products under development

highly integrated antenna tuner controlled via Arduino Uno board
(available Q2 2023)


Q: Is the printed manual attached with the kit?
A: Yes, every kit is shipped with printed assembly manual.

Q: How are the sets secured during transport?
A: Each set is packed in a cardboard box. We do not ship in bubble envelopes.

Q: Did you offer assembled boards?
A: For kits which are more popular we plan to introduce assembled version, but actually all kits are available as a kit for self-assembly.

KT-001 SWRduino

Example file for the Arduino Uno and SWRduino board available in the Application Example document -->
PDF FileKT-001 datasheet [ENG version] 

PDF FileKT-001 SWRduino - Przyklad aplikacyjny [POL version]
KT-002 RF Dummy Load PDF FileKT-002 datasheet [ENG version]
KT-003 CW Beacon Monitor
(under development; available Q1 2023)
PDF File--- Not available yet ---
KT-004 CWduino

Example files for the Arduino Uno board available for free download:
- CW beacon
- CW keyer

Start your own project with ease!
PDF FileKT-004 datasheet [ENG version]
PDF FileKT-004 datasheet [POL version]  

KT-004 example files for Arduino
KT-005 MATCHduino 
(under development; available Q2 2023)

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